1st – Halloween 2009

Cruise #1 – Carnival Inspiration, Cabin U-68

Unsure of what is going to be happening.

What kind of things can we do on board?
Will we be bored?
Will Peggy get lost?
Will Carnival Cruise Line survive our visit?
Will Cozumel survive our visit?

A very long story leads up to this, but suffice it to say that after many years I encountered an old friend from years ago. We lived in the same neighborhood for awhile, she had children, I had children, and the two of us were friends. I remember going to Bingo with her in Florida. Even then Penny was a cruiser and used to take cruises with her mother and others.

As with most things in life, nothing stays the same and there came a day when we moved away. We stayed in touch for awhile and then we drifted apart. It’s not that you are no longer friends, life just seems to get in the way with its day-to-day activities and struggles. Well, as I said, after many years while surfing the Internet, I saw a screen name that looked like it could belong to Penny. I tracked it backwards and ultimately ended on a spot that had her picture along with her husband and their dog. To my amazement — IT WAS HER.  A “friend request” led to us being in contact with one another and catching up on old times.

Over the years Penny and her family have increased their cruising and she is well on her way to setting records. She spoke of the fun they have cruising and invited us to join them at some future cruise.  And so began the our maiden voyage on the

Carnival Inspiration
October 29 – November 1, 2009

A Halloween to Remember!

I’ve been trying to convince my husband to go on a cruise FOR YEARS!!  He has shown absolutely no interest and claims that he has put in more than enough sea days in the Coast Guard. That’s true, BUT this kind of a cruise is all fun and no work.

And so I must convince the Chief to take a cruise.

Select page 2 for Convincing the Chief 


One Response to 1st – Halloween 2009

  1. Barbara Snipes says:

    I found the link for your blog off of your Cruise Critic profile and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this entry in your blog! Especially the pictures of John’s time in the Coast Guard. I’ve always wanted to take a cruise during Halloween, so it was lovely to see how it was done during your cruise.

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