7th – 8th Sensation April 2013

Little Bit of This; Little Bit of That

At this point I normally go directly into the details of our next cruise. However, I must tell you ahead of time that this trip was preceded by a visit with our daughter and our 6 year old grandson, E.J. (Edward Jonathan). Mark, the daddy of the family, was not able to make it over to Orlando.

We flew to Orlando in April and stayed at the Hilton Orlando for a conference that I had to attend. That was a really great hotel, but obviously a little above what we would normally pay for a pre-cruise hotel. We were right smack in the middle of the theme parks like Disney World, Universal, etc. Honestly there was so much to do at the hotel, you could have a great time just staying there.

The blue sections are my notes while we were traveling.

Orlando April 25

God I hate flying. Every bone in my body aches from trying to fit all of me in a little seat for 2-1/2 hours. Now I am on a packed plane for Orlando half of whom are kids wearing Mouse ears. We are not even fully loaded yet and the crying and screaming has begun——and that’s John. He swears he heard the captain say store small children under the seat. I believe he said store luggage under seat of small children because they don’t need the leg room.

John’s mustache got us on the plane first again — but the cane had a lot to do with that! Gate worker pointed at him and gave him that “come hither” motion with her fingers. The heck with Peggy, make sure the guy that looks like the Monopoly man gets on!!!! In 3 more years he won’t have to take off his shoes and jacket in security when he boards.


Conference was very good and I believe very productive. Spoke with a lot of young people, their world is open before them, they know they want to teach. Most of them wanted elementary education, and a few wanted history, the rest were quite a variety.Hilton

The hotel was smack in the middle of all the theme parks and the trolley would take you just about anywhere. Price is $1.50 for a ride or $5.00 day pass. We lucked out because for people our age. The price is only 25-cents. Did not get around to the sights because we only had one day to ourselves and we had to spend that day looking for a pharmacy. I’ll admit it—I’m getting forgetful. I remembered my medicines, but one of them I was almost out of so I needed to call my doctor in New York. But it’s not an uncommon thing so everyone was very helpful. Anyway…I digress….

Hilton PropertyThe hotel (Hilton Orlando on Destination Blvd) has some fun things for kids (and adults) to do in the pools. There’s an adult pool for quiet time for the adults. There’s a family pool area with big two-story curly slide, water basketball, and a separate “lazy River” where you can gently bounce along in an inner tube.

Slide into Pool Lazy River 3

Lazy River 2 Lazy River 1

We invited our daughter and grandson over for the day. The little guy (6 years old) had an absolute blast! The only way to get him out of the Lazy River was to wave pizza in front of him as he floated by!

Hope Ann Take a Rest

E.J. may not have been tired and I’m sure he could have gone back in the pool for a few more hours, but the “old folks” were getting a bit tired. We decided to take a break and go up to the room for awhile and rest before dinner. Don’t think this little guy has heard of the term REST; but at least we could chill out for awhile.

Grandpa n EJ

He and Grandpa got into a lively game of Angry Birds – Star Wars. Amazing how well that young boy can play it (and knows his way around an iPad too!!!).

After dinner, we had to say goodbye to them because tomorrow (Sunday) was our big sail-away day. Oh I must tell you a story here- EJ, our grandson, got in trouble during dinner because he was eating the French fries off Grandpa’s plate. His mom, Hope, told him that was wrong and to apologize. So he looks at John and says “Sorry, Grandpa, I accidentally picked up your French fries”

Hilton is crowded tonight – there are several conferences going on and tonight (Saturday) is prom night, so young, so pretty and handsome!

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One Response to 7th – 8th Sensation April 2013

  1. Ron says:

    Peg I love hearing of your cruise adventures! You and John are perfect cruise companions. I can’t wait until we sail with you two again.

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