Photo of man and woman

Christmas Eve 2011
Carnival Legend Steakhouse

I started this page just as a way of keeping track of my personal travels. I’m not out to WOW the world or impress anyone, it’s just an easy way to keep a diary of things that happen.

When you wait too long, all those funny little details of  travels seem to get lost and forgotten. Perhaps when the sky is grey and the snow is covering the ground, I can re-live memories of warmer days and fun at every turn.

What will be on this site?

Somewhat like the Winchester House in California, this site may never be done, with constant additions, deletions, thoughts, rantings, whatever feels good on that particular day.

If you are entertained by my tale, thank you for visiting. If you got no pleasure from it, thank you for visiting and at least taking a peek!

That being said – may I tell you about our latest cruise. Select a link from the sidebar on the right (or there is a pull-down menu under Welcome above) and explore with us.


6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Peg Martin says:

    I welcome you to make comments or suggestions. I am just learning the “art of blogging” and take every opportunity to practice.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I really enjoyed your trips! So glad that I found your site

  3. Ron says:

    I am eagerly awaiting your B2B2B Fantasy stories.

  4. Peg Martin says:

    Have finally begun it, Ron; but I fear it will take me awhile – so much to talk about. Gathering the photos is perhaps the most time consuming step; picking out the good ones, the ones where people are not groping statues!

  5. Ron says:

    I beg your pardon! The statues seemed a little unsteady with the roll of the ship and I was simply bracing it so it would not fall on anyone! I have a few photos I’ll send you if you want them.

    • Peg Martin says:

      Definitely, definitely want your photos. Also I told Ryan Lasseter, our PVP, that I would send him some photos and a few comments. He has been so good as a PVP; I’m glad you found him for us! Can’t mention names on CC, but this is my blog so I guess I’m free to mention whoever I want (or is that “whomever” I want, oh well).

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